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Wastewater - Collection-Treatment-Storage

The first ordinance written setting forth the rules and regulations for the operation, maintenance and use of facilities for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage and waste was signed, approving the installation and use of sewer lines in August 1969.  The District currently has 3.2 miles of public sewer, approximately 400 service connections and 144 manholes.  There are also 3 lift stations in the District, two of which have standby generators that serve the lift station during power failures.  The remaining lift station is served by a trailer mounted generator equipped with quick connect couplers.

The average age of the collection system is 45 years old. The majority of the vitrified clay pipelines in the District range in size from 4 inch to 10 inch.  Approximately 60% of the District lines were installed between the 1960's and 1980's, prior to the introduction of modern pipe joints such as compression gaskets, which were not available in the 1960's.  The District has performed video inspection of approximately 1/3 of these historic pipelines which indicate that the pipelines are still in serviceable condition.

The District has had an active sewer system management program since the mid-1980's and has experienced a relatively low number of blockages.  Stoppages and overflows have been non-existent since the District focused its efforts on aggressive line cleaning, continuous video inspection and dedicating funds to repair or replace line defects which could result in service interruption.

Treatment PlantA new treatment plant facility was completed in February of 2008 and brought the District into the 21st Century with modern, state-of-the-art technology for sewage treatment.  With an operating permit for 150,000 gallons of flow per day, the treatment plant facility more than meets the current needs of the District's population.

Jeff Pape of Dudek & Associates has joined the support staff as Contract Operations Manager over the technical aspects of the wastewater treatment facility and also to supervise the operations of extraction, treatment, storage and distribution of the potable and non-potable water for the Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company. Pape provides a wealth of practical knowledge and experience as well as a connection to 250 environmental and engineering professionals employed by Dudek. In addition to working with our sewer and water facilities, Pape acts as General Manager of Temescal Valley Water District and provides contract operations management to Rancho Santa Fe CSD, Whispering Palms CSD, Fairbanks Ranch CSD and Granada Sanitation.

Wastewater service charges reflect the costs of maintaining and operating the system around-the-clock.