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Security and Patrol Services

The Mission of the Pauma Valley Community Service District Security Department is to work with the citizens of the community to protect life and property, preserve a quality of lifestyle and provide prompt, courteous, and professional service to those who live, work and play in our community.

Pauma Valley Community Service District residents are provided 24-hour armed patrol, 7 days a week. Three canine units provide added security and protection with both officer and animal undergoing rigorous training monthly.

Security has been in existence for more than 32 years and has evolved into a professional, experienced department. All of our PVCSD Officers are certified First Responders in first aid, CPR, AED, and oxygen. They hold certifications in Infant CPR and Health Care Provider. They all hold certificates in P.C 832 Firearms from Riverside County Sheriff's Department and Arrest, Search & Seizure from Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center.

The largest residential area and the private Pauma Valley Country Club golf course and clubhouse are located behind gated entrances that are manned 24-hours, 7 days a week. Residents and Pauma Valley Country Club members are issued RFID tags for unrestricted access through the gates. New RFID tags can be obtained at the District Office during business hours. Be sure to bring copy(ies) of driver's license(s), proof of vehicle insurance, and vehicle registration.

Link to gate access system.

Service personnel such as landscapers, gardeners and domestic help are issued Service Passes or an RFID transponder when sponsored by a resident. Outside vendors are given passes as they enter.

Dispatch-Security Assistance
Front Gate Guest Call-In
San Diego Sheriff/VC Substation
California Highway Patrol
San Diego County Animal Control
Cal Fire

Rules of the Road

The Pauma Valley Roadway Association and the Pauma Valley Community Services District have entered into an agreement to cooperate on matters of public safety while traveling on the private roadways maintained by PVRA and to follow the guidelines established by the PVRA as they pertain to ingress and egress through the gated entrances on the private roadways. A complete copy of the “Usage and Access – Rules of the Road” is available for download or to be read online.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Questionnaire

The PVCSD would like to be able to assist you by being aware of your individual needs. They have created a voluntary and Confidential questionnaire. If you would like to support our PVCSD staff and other members of the community please complete and return to the District Office at 33129 Cole Grade Road, Pauma Valley, CA 92061.