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Private Roadways

The roadways within the gates fall under the auspice of the Pauma Valley Roadway Association ("PVRA"), having been vacated by the County of San Diego and turned over to this non-profit, mutual benefit California Corporation in 1985. All property owners within the gates (an area known as the Pauma Valley Country Club Estates) are members of the PVRA and others have entered an enabling agreement with PVRA.

The PVRA is run by a five-member board of directors elected by the members of the Association, and is responsible for establishing rule for ingress and egress through the gates, the repair and maintenance of the private roadways and the safety of all those who travel them.

The current board positions are held by: Jeff Peterson, President; Jim Cipriano, Vice-President; Mindy Houser, Treasurer; Jean Beck, Secretary; John Hon, Director; Suzie Caughey, Director.

A comprehensive set of rules and regulations has been written and approved for the use of the roadways. This publication outlines the criteria needed to gain entrance into the guarded residential and Pauma Valley Country Club area. Through a signed agreement between Pauma Valley Roadway Association and the Pauma Valley Community Services District, PVCSD Security was given the authority to enforce and uphold these rules and regulations.

A complete copy of the “Usage and Access – Rules of the Road” is available for download or to be read online.