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How To Read Your Water Meter

Your water meter is underground in a rectangular box with a green lid, usually found near the street.  To get to the meter, you can open the cover carefully with a large screwdriver.  During the summer months, please be aware that snakes do occasionally like to lie inside the meter boxes. You may also find the meter covered with dirt- usually placed there by gophers.

Water meters are read like a vehicle's odometer.  Simply read the number across the counter.  They also have a small dial which moves clockwise.  Check the position of the hand on the water meter dial and the number on the counter and record the reading.

The image below represents the type of water meter the company installs.

Water Meter

Leak Detector: Every meter has a Triangle/Leak Detector
This triangle rotates whenever water is flowing through the meter.  If you turn off all your water fixtures and this triangle is moving, you have a leak.

Learn more about how to check for a leak.

If you need assistance to locate your water meter or test for leaks, please contact the Company office at 760-742-1909 or by email and a Utility Worker will be called to assist you.