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Election Information

Did you know that the directors of the board are elected officials?  Every two years, the first Tuesday in November, two or three directors are up for re-election to serve on the Pauma Valley Community Services District Board of Directors.  The staggering of terms helps keep continuity to the business operations.

Sometime during the second week of July, in an election year, the District Administrator will receive paperwork from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters for anyone wishing to become a candidate for consideration.  Upon meeting specific candidate criteria, paperwork must be prepared and filed with the Registrar of Voters by the first week in August (specific dates vary each election year).

Should more candidates file nomination papers than open seats, all candidates will be placed on the November ballot for district voter approval.  If an equal number of candidates to the number of open seats files, then the need for voter ballot is removed and the names go to the County Board of Supervisors for final approval.

Should an opening on the board become available mid-term, the District Board may fill the vacancy by appointment.  The Administrator will post a notice of director vacancy for at least 15 days prior to the Board interviewing any interested party and making an appointment.  A person must be a registered voter of the District and reside within the District.  Persons elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired balance of the term of office.

For further information regarding this process, visit the Registrar of Voters website at