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Board of Directors

The Company is run by a five-member board of directors who serve staggered, four-year terms and are elected by the shareholders at an annual meeting. All directors hold office until their successors are elected or appointed to replace. There are no established term limits to serve the Company and its shareholders.

They are governed by a set of by-laws first written in 1956 and amended as needed in subsequent years. They also follow the guidelines established by the State of California - Division of Drinking Water, State Water Resources Control Board and California Department of Environmental Health. Board approved Rules and Regulations are ever being updated to conform to new and changing State and County regulations.

The following persons were elected at the March 2015 Annual Shareholders Meeting and will serve the term as stated.

Board of Directors
Title Name Term Expiration Board Member Since
President/Treasurer Charles Mathews 2019 2013
Vice-President Brad Smith 2019 2013
Director Chuck Bandy 2019 1994
Secretary Laura Kariya 2021 2016
Director Son Do 2021 2017
Consultant Jeff Pape ~~ ~~

Interested in Serving? A shareholder, or representative of any shareholder, may serve on the board provided they maintain an absolute duty of loyalty to the Company against third parties or their own financial interest. Expressed interest is solicited every odd numbered year and mid-term vacancies are filled by a majority of the remaining directors after posting the available position. A letter of interest may be sent to the Company, in care of the Administrator, at 33129 Cole Grade Road, Pauma Valley.