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About Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company

Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company (“Company”) is a shareholder owned mutual water company formed in 1956 by residents of Pauma Valley, pursuant to the laws of the State of California.  This small, non-profit mutual serves potable (drinking) and irrigation water to 322 shareholders through 393 meter connections, covering approximately 1,325 acres.  The Company contracts with Pauma Valley Community Services District, a special district in the State of California, for the use of their three full-time utility employees, the Administrator and the office staff to conduct the business of management, extraction, treatment, distribution and storage of potable and non-potable water facilities for its customers.  The Administrator receives technical assistance from Jeff Pape, a Principal with Dudek.

Finance Information

2017 Audit Report

2016 Audit Report

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2014 Audit Report


The Company has issued a STAGE II Water Warning effective August 1, 2014, until further notice.  Please click on the link below for more detailed information on the mandatory water reductions and usage restrictions.

Water Conservation Policy approved by the Board of Directors in April 2016.

Stage I Water Wise was effective 7/1/14.

Stage II Water Warning became effective 8/1/14.

Consultant, Technical Operations
Jeff Pape

Jeff Pape

Utility Employees
RPM Employee Pete

Pete Lopez

RPM Employee Domingo

Domingo Gonzalez

RPM Employee Eric

Eric Helgesen